For more than 20 years, Sunsprout has been serving the Lancaster County area and beyond, delivering a wide selection of quality, speciality produce and matching our product with superior service and exceptional value. Our brand has become one of the most widely recognized labels in the bean sprout industry. Sunsprout is a certified SQF (Safe Quality Food) level II facility, and to ensure all safety aspects we do not release our sprouts until our water and retention samples return from the lab.

Sunsprout products are a great addition to any soup or salad, and they make the perfect complement for any meal. In addition to our impressive variety of sprout products, our catalog also includes a wide selection of premium speciality produce and other healthy lifestyle products. Whether you’re looking for that magic ingredient to breathe new life into that favorite family recipe or you’re in need of wholesale or bulk quantities, we’ve got everything you need!

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Conventional Sprouts

Sunsprout conventional sprout products provide the perfect addition for any soup or salad, and they make the ideal, wholesome and healthy complement for any meal. Our extensive list of sprout varieties are picked and packaged at the peak of freshness to ensure the best taste and freshest flavor.

Crunchy Mix
Mung Bean Sprouts

Conventional Sprout Combinations

At Sunsprout, we are sprout experts! Our experienced team has done all the work to put together the ideal mixtures of our most popular sprout varieties so all you have to do is enjoy them! Make your next salad or dish even better with our healthy sprout combinations that are packed with flavor and packaged for optimum freshness and premium taste.

Clover, Crunchy & Radish Combo
Clover, Onion & Radish Combo

Certified Organic Sprouts

Sunsprout is proud to offer a complete line of certified organic sprout products. These sprout varieties are naturally grown and are free of any harmful additives, pesticides or preservatives so all you get is freshness and flavor without the worry. Wholesome never tasted so good!

Wheat Grass
Clover, Radish Combo
Crunchy Mix

Brocco Sprouts

According to a Johns Hopkins study, Brocco Sprouts contains natural compounds* found in broccoli and other plant products which, when combined support and promote the body’s own antioxidant function. Brocco provides the ideal addition to any salad, sandwich or meal recipe. It’s the delicious way to ensure that you and your loved ones get the important nutrients you need with all the flavor and taste you crave.

Brocco Sprouts
Deli Style Blend
Salad Style Blend
Sandwich Style Blend
Deli Style Blend
* Glucoraphanin, Sulforaphane

LifeForce Sprout Combinations

Sprouts are among the most concentrated, natural source of healthy vitamins, important minerals, beneficial enzymes and essential proteins. LifeForce sprout combinations contain the ideal mixtures of sprout products designed to provide the greatest health benefits while also delivering exceptionally fresh taste and flavor. Enjoy them alone or as part of your next meal. Your body (and your tastebuds) will thank you!

Deli, Salad, Sandwich Combo
Deli, Sandwich Combo
Broccoli, Salad Combo

Fresh Packaged & Bulk Produce

The Sunsprout brand is known for delivering the finest in fresh produce products. We aim to please with our full line of brussels sprouts and other healthy items. From crisp broccoli and cauliflower to savory asparagus, it’s always veggie season when we’re around! Choose from an impressive selection to make your next meal or side dish a true crowd pleaser!

Asian Cut Crown Broccoli
Broccoli Florets
Cauliflower Florets
Cut Wheat grass
Organic Crunchy Mix
Mung Beans
Green Beans
Snow Peas
Sugar Snap Peas
Wheat Grass
Sundried Tomatoes
Peeled & Washed Horseradish Root

Hanover Fresh Baby Vegetables & Speciality Items

For nearly a century, the Hanover Foods name has been synonymous with quality and freshness. This essence of fresh-picked flavor is evident in every product they produce and market. At Sunsprout, we’re proud to partner in offering a variety of tasty veggie products, including staples like baby sweet corn and snow peas.

English Peas
Whole Baby Sweet Corn
Baby Green Zucchini
Hanover Snow Peas
Hanover Sugar Snap Peas

Speciality Onions

When you’re in need of that perfect ingredient to make your recipe really pop, nothing but the best will do. Sunsprout carries a selection of premium and speciality onion items that are as fresh and flavorful as if they were hand picked by you. Whether it’s our gourmet white pearl or one of our Hanover brand boilers, your tastebuds will experience the difference!

“Grand Gourmet” Assorted Pearl Onions
“Grand Gourmet” Cippolini Onions
“Grand Gourmet” White Pearl Onions
“Hanover” White Boiler Onions

Green Beans

When it comes to green beans, the fresher the better! Sunsprout’s green bean products are tender, wholesome and packed with fresh-from-the-garden flavor. From our convenient micro-bag to our economical family pack option, our delicious green bean products will make the perfect complement to any meal.

Fresh Trimmed Green Beans- Micro Bag
Family Pack Trimmed Green Beans
Food Service Pack Green Beans

Clipstrip Items

Maximize profitability and increase point-of-purchase sales with our convenient, tempting clipstrip items. Easy to display with attractive packaging designed to be eye-catching, these add-on items will equal big profits for you! Choose from a variety of crowd-pleasing extras, including a number of dried fruit options as well as delicious sun-dried tomatoes.

Dried Cranberries
Sundried Tomatoes
Dried Cherries
Dried Blueberries

Tofu & Speciality Items

Want to appeal to the health-conscious consumer? Sunsprout is pleased to offer a wide variety of tofu and other speciality food products that are sure to satisfy even your most distinguishing clientele. From our flavorful selection of tofu items to veggie burgers to premium and hard-to-find asian cuisine products, we’ve got you covered.

Morinu Lite Firm
Morinu Extra Firm
Morinu Firm
Franklin Farms Original Veggie Burger
Franklin Farms Original Portabella Burger
Franklin Farms Edamame
House Fetucinni
House Angel Hair
House Noodles
House Premium Firm
House Premium Regular
House DHA Omega-3 Firm
House DHA Omega-3 Extra Firm
House Organic Firm
House Organic Extra Firm
House Won Ton Skins
House Egg Roll Wraps
Chongga KimChi
Wrapped Fortune Cookie
Bulk Fortune Cookie